The old building will be like new

Restoration work is needed to restore the original appearance of the object, eliminate defects that have appeared over time, remove elements that have appeared during expluatation or repair and that disturb the appearance of the building.Restoration often affects design, decor. It can be carried out for the facade, interior, individual structures, products, sculptures, stucco moldings.

The restoration is carried out in several stages:

Condition assessment. For walls, facade structures, plaster or other decorative layer, check the strength and integrity. They are examined and fix the defects. Additionally, non-destructive testing methods can be used. Additions are recorded separately, introduced during operation or repair and violating the appearance or characteristics of the object. This can be a plaster layer, additional building or decorative structures, cladding, a layer of paint.

Preparation for restoration. It involves the removal of worn out, heavily destroyed structures or materials, dismantling of interfering elements, strengthening of load-bearing structures that serve as the foundation of structures. Often, for restoration, facade finishing elements are dismantled and delivered to specialized workshops. Such dismantling must be carried out carefully, so as not to damage the decorative elements and the facade itself.

Restoration. Its methods are determined individually each time. At the same time, the state of finishing materials or restored structures, their features, operating conditions, and general characteristics of the object are taken into account. During the restoration, it is possible to restore or strengthen the foundations, bearing elements, correct deformed ones, restore destroyed parts, make new elements, restore the decorative layer. If the restoration is carried out in the workshop after dismantling the element, their installation is carried out after strengthening, restoring the base.

Restoration technicians can use authentic materials as close as possible to the "historical", original ones. Another option is to replace it with materials with improved characteristics. Outwardly, they should correspond as much as possible to the previously used materials, ensure the most complete restoration of the original appearance of the object so as not to get a "remake" as a result of the work.

Restoration with White Hills stone

Renovation with White Hills decorative stone

Roof renovation


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