Construction company
We project, build, restore

Full cycle of services

  • Land search
  • Consultations, on-site visits
  • Development and approval of the project with reference to the land plot
  • Design and installation of engineering networks
  • Construction of buildings according to the project
  • Finishing work of any premises
  • Reconstruction of buildings
  • Facade works
  • Sale and installation of decorative stone
  • Construction supervision services
  • Development and design of projects
  • Improvement. Paving stones


Premium class facade installation in decorative stone. Visit the website, choose the stone you like, and we will professionally design your facade. Such a facade will serve you for at least 50 years without repair and will delight several generations. Quality assurance and professional approach.

We design and build private houses and residential premises, office premises, warehouses and other facilities at your request.

We pride ourselves on our highly qualified staff and our modern approach to construction.

We do not stand still, but keep pace with the times and use the latest technologies and the highest quality building materials.

Why choose LTD "Fasādes & Gaismas Pasaule"

We perfectly understand that building a house is one of the most significant events in the life of every person. Considering how important such a decision is, when developing a project, we take into account all the needs and desires of customers - we will help to find a location, taking into account the special wishes of the customer, we will develop an attractive architecture in accordance with the nature of future residents, we will think over the layout to every detail. It is important for us that in the houses that we design and build, life would flow without worries about further repairs and thoughts about changing housing, therefore, already at the initial stage, we offer the most profitable solutions, well-thought-out layouts and high-quality materials.

Our projects are always noticeably different from other buildings - you can see for yourself by visiting our facilities or browsing the gallery.

You are important to us

Each person has his own needs and opportunities - someone wants to work from their home, someone wants to return home from work to enjoy family comfort and warmth, someone wants to create peace and quiet around them, and someone on the contrary wants to spend free time with friends and be in the center of all events. Your opinion on how you see your new home is very important to us. We will always find the most interesting solution for you, which will suit your lifestyle and preferences.

Our experience

In our arsenal, not only the construction of private cottages, we are also engaged in the restoration of buildings, design engineering, architectural projects, project approval in the construction administration and much more that is related to construction. Since 2011, our company has not only a good reputation on the market, but also many satisfied customers.  All employees are annually trained in new knowledge, which they successfully share with clients. With us, your home will be stable and with a wonderful atmosphere!


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