FASĀDES & GAISMAS PASAULE company designs all types of industrial, residential and public buildings.



We create new projects according to your requirements, we also carry out redesign of existing projects and optimize the planned solutions for metal structures, reinforced concrete structures and other solutions in order to save the resources provided for by the project. FASĀDES & GAISMAS PASAULE thinks several steps ahead to avoid unexpected situations, which our clients appreciate.

Already at the project stage, our specialists, in tandem with the designers, develop the most optimal solutions so that the client gets a project in which everything is carefully thought out. Calculations and checks are carried out with the highest accuracy.

We agree on each project in the construction department and obtain a building permit.


We offer to make high-quality 3D visualization of your project.

Visualization of projects creates colorful images of the future building from different angles, shows the color and shape of the building, furnishings, lighting and the appearance of the room or building. Visualization of projects provides a unique opportunity to see firsthand the practical result of the implementation of any idea or idea even before the idea itself is embodied in reality.

With exceptional reliability and realism, comparable to photographic, high-sharp image obtained through 3D visualization, is an integral part of the development of many modern exterior and interior projects.