Making dreams of a quality home come true!
We have been building quality homes for living for over 10 years. Quality is our business card.

Our houses differ not only visually, but also in the quality of construction. Construction is a very complex process, so it is always necessary to trust those who have devoted their entire lives to this industry and those who will build your house as if for themselves.


 "FASĀDES & GAISMAS PASAULE"- This is a company that I can be proud of. I love my brainchild, I love those people who work here and whose hands have designed and built many houses in which people now live. I love our clients who entrusted us with the construction of their houses, their value.

We studied a lot, tried very hard and now FASĀDES & GAISMAS PASAULE has become a full cycle company. We build houses from a variety of innovative materials, possess the latest knowledge in the construction industry, and are proud of our architects and designers. For each type of work FASĀDES & GAISMAS PASAULE has highly qualified specialists and is a versatile contractor for the most difficult tasks.

Частный дом в Юрмале

Частный дом в Юрмале

Частный дом в Медемциемсе

Строительство ангара для автобусов


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